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According to the theory of aerodynamics, the bumble bee is unable to fly. This is because the size, weight and shape of its body in relation to the total wing span makes flying impossible. But the bumble bee, being ignorant of these profound scientific truths, goes ahead and flies anyway and even manages to make a little honey along the way.

We love food, we love people, we love liquids and we love a deal. The idea of Briggs Kitchen + Bar is built on these cornerstones. We feel that taking food back to more simple times by cooking over natural fire, touching it with a little finesse and getting it in front of our guests for a reasonable price is what it is all about. Do that with connected service in a cool environment and you pretty much capture the essence of our passion to deliver.


At Briggs Kitchen + Bar we can accommodate any type of function from small gatherings to large events. Our Events Manager will work with you to create a memorable experience right down to the last detail. Please email for all inquiries.